8th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October  15 - 23  2008
This year's theme is
"Hungarians in Hollywood"

Ragályi Elemér

Ragályi Elemér
Magyar Elemér

Ragályi Márton
Ragályi Elemér

Szekeres Dénes

Nagypál Gábor, Csuja Imre, Gazsó György, Eperjes Károly
Bertók Lajos, Monori Lili, Csoma Judit, Lázár Kati, Sipos Imre

In a hidden village an old man is murderd. At first the police are
interested in Denes Suha as a witness to the murder. He was the
man who did some odd jobs at the victims house .  But very soon
things changed and they accused him of the murder.  Denes
denied the charges but two old timer detectives with the help of an
informer and with the promise of letting him free, they get the
confession from him. The innocent man is sentenced to prision for
eight years. After two and a half years, purley by chance they find the
killer and Denes Suha is released. But this release comes to late
as his life is ruined.
The people in the village expel him from the community, he ends up
losing his house, and can't get a job.  Unable to find a solution for
his problems he ends his life.

Hungary 2006
* 70MIN. * COLOR