7th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October 11 - 18  2007

9036 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills California
directed by
Kriszta Bodis

Dead-end village. A long time ago,
a lesbian community moved out here
from town. There are only a few of them
left now. One of them has fallen into
poverty but still lives in a house that is
worth a lot. She falls in love with M.,
a Roma woman next door who has
a rough life.

Even though she is heterosexual,
even though her abusive alcoholic
husband beats her and threatens her
with family court, and even though the
village now looks down on her for
another reason besides her ethnicity,
M. returns her love. " No one had ever
loved me for myself before," she says.
She is waiting for her husband to leave
so that she can finally move in with her
love and take her three children along.

rendező/dir: Bódis Kriszta, konzulens: Tímár Magdi, szin/syn: Gordon Agáta,
Bódis Kriszta, o/ph: Takács Mari, narr/narr: Bódis Kriszta, felhasznált
zeneművek és szerzőik: Cserepes: Danubian Trances,Palya Bea Quintet
(szöveg: Bódis Kriszta):Hold, v/ed: Gyimesi László, h/sd: Lacházi Orsolya,
sze/cast: Kalányos Mari, Bán Mari, Tímár Magdi, Gordon Agáta…, gy/p.m.:
Stalter Judit, Vigh István, Bódis Kriszta, gyártó/p.c.: Inforg Stúdió, p/p: Muhi
András, támogató/supported by: Magyar Mozgókép Közalapítvány, Filmjus.

2004-2006, színes/ colour, 50 perc/ mins, video