Vespa  (Vespa)
(2010, feature, digital, colour, 85 min., Stereo)
Co-produced with Serbia

Director: Diana Groó
Screenplay: Diana Groó, Iván Szabó
Director of photography: Sándor Kardos
Editor: Ági Mógor
Music: Dániel Kardos, Rudolf Balogh
Sound: György Kovács
Costumes: Zsuzsa Balai
Production manager: Péter Schmidt
Producer: Dénes Szekeres
Co-producer: Biberche Productions / SB, VisionTeam / SB
Production company: Tivoli-Filmproduction
Cast: Sándor Tóth, Juli Nyakó, Rudolf Balogh, János Puporka, Gábor Nagypál, György
Bajomi Nagy, Krisztina Erdély, Gábor Róbert, Zénó Kárász, Simon Szabó, László Kassai

A twelve year old Roma, Lali,  wins a bar of chocolate at cards. The candy wrapper  
contains a winning coupon for a Vespa motorbike. The motorbike has to be picked up  
in Budapest and Lali decides to leave the world he knows and travel to Budapest. His
journey is not only to get the Vespa  but to find his father whom he has not seen for a
long time.
On his journey he meets all kinds of people, those who assist and those who interfere.
On the road he learns about himself and the treatment and the place of the Roma in
today's world.

2010 - Budapest Hungarian Film Week
Special Prize of the Jury: Sándor Tóth,
Best Original Music: Dániel Kardos & Rudolf Balogh

2010 - Cottbus FilmFestival
DIALOGUE Prize for Intercultural Communication

2010 - Siena Terra di Siena
UNICEF Special Prize

2010 - Geneva Cinema Tous Ecrans
Reflet d'Or - Best Director Prize

2010 - Budapest Hungarian Film Week (in competition)
2010 - Cottbus FilmFestival
2010 - Geneva Cinema Tous Ecrans (in competition)
2010 - Ghent Flanders International Film Festival
2010 - Montreal The World Film Festival
2010 - Săo Paulo International Film Festival (in competition)
2010 - Siena Terra di Siena (in competition)
2010 - Targu-Mures AlterNative
2010 - Vancouver International Film Festival
2010 - Viareggio EuropaCinema

Sunday November 21,  7:00PM   
Raleigh Studios Hollywood
Bunyik Entertainment presents
10th Anniversary Hungarian Film Festival
of Los Angeles
November  18 - 28  2010