The Way You Are
(Így ahogy vagytok)
(2010, feature, video, colour, 95 min., 1:1,85, Stereo)

Director: Károly Makk
Screenplay: Károly Makk, Ákos Kertész, Géza Bereményi
Director of photography: Gábor Medvigy
Editor: Anina Szirti
Music: Béla Szakcsi Lakatos
Sound: András Vámosi
Costumes: János Breckl
Production manager: András Ozorai
Producer: András Ozorai
Production company: Neuropa Film Ltd.
Cast: György Cserhalmi, Eszter Nagy-Kálózy, Sándor Csányi, Győző Szabó, Zsolt Trill,
Iván Fenyő, Gábor Reviczky, Oszkár Gáti, Mari Törőcsik

Karoly Makk, whose film „Love” was voted into the „100 best films ever made” has
chosen to show today's contraversial life in Hungary in his new film.
A new mayor has been elected in a country town. Gabor Vencze, the ex-world champion
of military flying, a vagabond ex-pilot lands in the middle of intrigues and political
dealings when he becomes the mayor of his hometown. He has his work cut out for
him. He has to fight the town’s corrupt business elite-maffia, foreign investors and
their local representatives who let no one stand in their way, and last but not least the
political interests. As one of the good guys warn him: „This is like an exotic zoo: snakes,
hyenas, crocodiles and vultures looking for prey and if you are not careful enough, you
could be their next meal.”
In this political thriller Karoly Makk shows the problems and tensions in today's
Hungarian society, the deep rooted corruption and the fight against it complicated by
ruthless wannabees.
Added to all this intricacy is a strange, unusual love story. A mystery woman from the
Ukraine, Sandra shows up in Gabor's life: She is looking for a true partner, an old
fashioned relationship: marriage and kids. However, the drama of her dark past makes
this difficult and creates doubts in Gabor not only about Sandra, but himself.
Karoly Makk's master touch prevails in showing the finely woven fabric of love and
emotion in human relationships. The film does not lose rhythm, the twists of the story
are exciting, the end is surprising, the outcome is brilliant.
The original, very special gipsy-jazz music score has been created by virtuoso pianist
Bela Szakcsi-Lakatos who plays the music himself.

Saturday November 20, 7:00pm at Raleigh Studios Hollywood
Bunyik Entertainment presents
10th Anniversary Hungarian Film Festival
of Los Angeles
November  18 - 28  2010