7th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October 11 - 18  2007

9036 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills California
The Real Santa
(Az igazi mikulás)
Péter Gárdos
(2005, feature film, 35mm, colour, 96 min.)

Director: Péter Gárdos
Screenplay: Péter Gárdos
Photography: László Seregi Jr.
Editor: Mari Miklós
Story editor: Zsuzsa Bíró
Set design: Balázs Hujber
Costumes: János Breckl
Sound: Ferenc Császár, György Kovács
Music: Péter Geszti, Ambrus Tövisházi
Production company: Béla Bunyik Enterprises Inc., Los Angeles (USA), Tivoli
Filmproduction, VITHire Beograde (Serbia-Montenegro)
Production manager: Iván Bujdosó, Zsolt Monostori
Co-producer: Béla Bunyik, Dragan Djurkovic
Producer: Dénes Szekeres
György Cserhalmi, Blanka Szilasi, Lajos Bertók, Dénes Újlaki, György Gazsó,
Eszter Csákányi, Tibor Szabó, Sándor Csányi, Péter Rudolf, Anna Györgyi, Dorka
Gryllus, Zoltán Seres, Győző Szabó

Once upon a time there was a bar pianist, Misu. His life had been derailed.
Once upon a time there was an 8-year-old girl, Liza. She was an orphan.
On 6th December, Misu is hired as Santa at a department store.
On the same wintery day Liza escapes from the orphanage, because once, long ago,
her mother promised her that when she would be 8 years old, she would get a bicycle
from Santa.
On that day, when thick snowfall covers the city, Liza steps up to Misu and asks for the
This fairy tale is the story of these two people. Santa, who has no intention of buying a
bicycle for a complete stranger, and Liza, who nevertheless won’t give in.
What will these two accomplish? Is there a force that can persuade this cynical,
selfish bar pianist to carry out a charitable act well over his financial limits?
The adventures of Liza and Misu in the city will provide the answer to the question at
the end of the day.

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