The Last Report on Anna
Utolsó jelentés Annáról

Director: Márta Mészáros
Hungary; 2009; 103 min.
Script Márta Mészáros, Éva Pataki
Camera Emil Novák
Music Ferenc Kovács
Sound István Sipos
Visual design Tamás Banovich
Producer Pál Sándor
Cast Enikő Eszenyi, Ernő Fekete, György Cserhalmi, Zsuzsa Czinkóczi, Adél Kováts,
Beata Fudalej, Gabriella Hámori, Juli Básti, Gábor Máté, Zoltán Seress, Tibor
Gáspár, Frigyes Hollósi, Jákob Ladányi
Production Hunnia Film Studio
Language Hungarian (English st.)

This film is the first serious look at the role of informants in the Hungarian
Communist society. The film takes place during the  post-revolution Communist
Kadar regime.  The film is director Meszaros' most recent examination of the 1956
revolution and its impact on the Hungarian society. The film vividly depicts Hungarian
society in the seventies. The film's protagonist is Péter  a literary scholar  who is
tasked by the Hungarian Secret Police to persuade the exiled Social Democratic
politician, Anna Kéthly, who has been living in exile for decades in Brussels, to return
home. Kéthly was once a minister in the government of Imre Nagy and  its U.N.
representative.  She has been a spokeswoman for the ideas of the revolution. She
has dedicated her political life to the task of unmasking the true nature of the Kádár
government.  Peter is the nephew of Anna's only true love, Laci,  who had to remain
in Hungary. Peter has accepted all the compromises which made it possible to live
under the Kadar regime. He galadly takes on the task of an informant in return for a
passport to the West.  Peter's  claim of being apolitical rings hollow to Anna. The film
examines these protagonists' respective roles, their ideas and their hopes. We are
carried along in their struggles against the background of history, individual careers,
requiring compromises,  and how their choices have  impacted their lives.

Sunday November 21, 9:00pm at Raleigh Studios Hollywood
Bunyik Entertainment presents
10th Anniversary Hungarian Film Festival
of Los Angeles
November  18 - 28  2010