8th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October  15 - 23  2008
This year's theme is
"Hungarians in Hollywood"
The Gambler
(A játékos)
Károly Makk

Director: Károly Makk
Writer: Fydor Mikhailovich Dostoievsky
Screenplay: Nick Dear, Katharine Ogden, Charles Cohen
Photography: Jules van den Steenhoven
Editor: Kevin Whelan
Set design: Ben van Os
Costumes: Dien van Straalen
Sound: Wim Vonk
Music: Brian Lock
Production company: Gambler Productions, Objektív Film Studio, Lowland Pictures,
Channel Four Films, UCC DA International
Production manager: Sándor Baló
Producer: János Rózsa, Marc Vlessing, Charles Cohen

Cast: Michael Gambon, Jodhi May, Polly Walker, Dominic West

Baden-Baden in 1870. In a fancy casino a poorly dressed young woman holding a baby
is desperately looking for somebody. Saint Petersburg in 1866. Dostoievsky has already
published ”Crime and Punishment” and is a highly acknowledged author in Russia.
Still, he is about to concede a nearly impossible deal: Stellovsky, his publisher, whom
Dostoievsky owes a fortune, offers a bet. Dostoievsky is supposed to complete another
novel of at least 160 pages within 31 days in which case his debts are void; otherwise
Stellovsky claims the rights for all his novels ever written. Dostoievsky, epileptic, now
living in total chaos, needs a stenographer to accomplish this suicidal undertaking. This
is how he meets Anna. Dostoievsky dictates his novel to Anna. Evidently, the story of
Polina and Alexei, the young couple occurring in the fictitious Rulettenburg, is based on
events that happened at Dostoievsky’s young age. Dostoevsky’s difficulties with the
novel plus his controversial relationship with Anna slowly melt into the novel’s universe
when, finally, the two plates coincide...

(1997, feature film, 35mm, colour, 97 min.)

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
2000:  Karlovy Vary City's Prize for Károly Makk Lifetime Achievement Award

Brussels International Film Festival
1998:  People' Choice

Pescara International Film Festival
1998:  Best Foreign Film
Best Actress: Jodhi May

Troia FESTROIA  International Film Festival
1998:  Best Actress: Jodhi May