Muzsikás Story
(Muzsikás történet)
(2010, documentary, video, colour, 116 min., Mono)

Director: Péter Pál Tóth
Screenplay: Péter Pál Tóth
Reporter: Gyula Gulyás
Editor: Márta Gazdag
Director of photography: Péter Pál Tóth, Gábor Balog
Editor: Péter Pál Tóth
Music: Muzsikás
Sound: István Perger
Production manager: Miklós Szederkényi
Producer: Sándor Buglya, Zoltán Füredi
Production company: Dunatáj Alapítvány, Palantír Film
Cast: Muzsikás

The 35 Years of Muzsikás Group

This documentary traces the history of the Muzsikas Group and the lives of its members.

The Muzsikás ensemble is a world renowned Hungarian folk music group. They are
known for playing authentic Hungarian folk music using folk instruments and  have
remained true to the original roots of their music. Over the years, they have succeeded in
transmitting  to their audience their love for traditional ethnic music.  During the prior Kadar
Communist regime, the Muzsikas group became famous as the true representative of the
then emerging  folk "dance house movement".  This  movement stood for national identity
and the authenticity of ethnic music an  idea which during that  Communist regime was a
bold statement, even a taboo, against the super-nationalistic political mantra of the times.
After the change of the political system,  they were able to share  the musical treasure and
folk traditions which  they and other similar minded people had  preserved   and basically
salvaged   for  the world. The group's members now  work together with classical, jazz,
rock and Klezmer musicians. They perform throughout the world. To many they are the true
representatives of Hungarian music.

2010 - Cluj-Napoca Transilvania

Sunday November 21, 5:00pm at Raleigh Studios Hollywood
Bunyik Entertainment presents
10th Anniversary Hungarian Film Festival
of Los Angeles
November  18 - 28  2010