8th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October  15 - 23  2008
This year's theme is
"Hungarians in Hollywood"


Joe Eszterhas

Jessica Lange, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Edward
Blatchford, J. S. Block, Larry Brandenburg, Cheryl
Lynn Bruce, Elzbieta Czyzewska, Toni Fleming, Ralph
Foody, Frederic Forrest, Sol Frieder, Zoltan Gera, Joe
Guzaldo, Lukas Haas, Albert Hall, Donald Moffat,
Michael Rooker, Ned Schmidtke, Michael Shillo, Felix
Shuman, Mari Torocsik, Kevin White, Margo Winkler

This 1989 drama penned by pre-Basic Instinct screenwriter
Joe Eszterhas is a powerful tale of family identity and loyalty
threatened by a ghost from the Third Reich. Jessica Lange
stars as a Chicago criminal attorney whose beloved immigrant
father (Armin Mueller-Stahl, in his American film debut) is
accused of once having been a monstrous SS officer for Hitler.
While Lange's character does a good job defending the old
man in court against witnesses who charge him with
numerous unspeakable acts, her own certainty that he is
innocent slowly crumbles, leaving her with a horrifying personal
dilemma. Directed by Costa-Gavras (Z), the film displays some
of his distracting tendency toward unnecessarily broad
storytelling, but Eszterhas's script is disciplined and moving,
and Lange and Mueller-Stahl are stunning in their depiction of
a loving relationship deeply shaken by history. --Tom Keogh

Berlin International Film Festival
Golden Berlin Bear to Costa-Gavras
Nominated Academy Awards, USA
Nominated Golden Globe for Jessica Lange