7th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October 11 - 18  2007

9036 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills California
A Miracle in Cracow
(Csoda Krakkóban)
Diana Groó
(2004, feature film, 35mm, colour, 94 min.)

Director: Diana Groó
Screenplay: Diana Groó, András Szekér
Photography: Sándor Kardos
Editor: Ágnes Mógor
Set design: Mónika Esztán, Ryszard Melliwa
Costumes: Zsuzsa Balai, Jagna Janicka
Sound: György Kovács
Music: Budapest Klezmer Band, Dániel Kardos, Klezmatics
Production company: Chaplin Film, Cinema-Film, Duna Television, Katapult Film,
Studio Filmowe TOR
Production manager: Ildikó Kovács, Michal Szczerbic
Producer: Iván Angelusz, Gábor Garami, Iwona Ziulkowska, Krzysztof Zanussi
Cast: Bartlomiej Swiderski, Itala Békés, Eszter Bíró, Franciszek Pieczka, Ivan Dániel
Ármin, Jerzy Trela , Maciej Adamczyk, Stanislawa Celinska

Pjotr, an émigré from Budapest, is a young Polishman living in Cracow. He has been
an enthusiast of books, but especially of one particular book. According to a Jewish
legend this book entitled the Silver Crown, has the power to raise the dead.
With this very book under her arm Eszter, a student from Budapest, happens to arrive
in Cracow to restore a rabbi’s tombstone. A never-ending series of complications
ensues, which seems to be directed by an ancient Jewish spinning top called
Trenderli. The fate of both young and old revolve around this toy – and the Book. It is
these objects that conjure up the spirit of Pjotr’s dead grandmother. The
Wonderworker Rabbi, who appears out of nowhere, also tells stories about this
mystical toy.

First Feature Film

2006 - Palic International Film Festival
2006 - San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
2006 - Toronto Jewish Film Festival
2005 - Amsterdam Joods Film Festival
2005 - Berlin Jewish Film Festival
2005 - Budapest Hungarian Film Week  (in competition)
2005 - Calcutta International Film Festival
2005 - Göteborg International Film Festival
2005 - Houston Worldfest  (in competition)
2005 - Săo Paulo Jewish Film Festival
2005 - Vienna Jewish Film Week
2005 - Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth
Budapest Hungarian Film Week
2005:  Best Producer: Gábor Garami

Houston Worldfest
2005:  Golden Remi Award