7th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October 11 - 18  2007

9036 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills California
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Lora (Lora)
Gábor Herendi
(2006, feature film, 35mm, colour, 118 min.)

Gábor Herendi
Réka Divinyi, Gábor Herendi, Andrea Sárközi
Sechanov Martin
István Király, Tamás Kollányi
Set design:
Viktória Horváth, Zsolt Nánássy
Anita Dunai
Csaba Major
Róbert Hrutka
Production company:
Skyfilm Studio
Production manager:
Lídia Kecskeméthy, Mónika Nagy
Producer: Gábor Herendi

Lucia Brawley, Péter Nagy, Ernő Fekete, Zsófi Szamosi, Kati Lázár, Andor Lukáts
Gábor Reviczky, Kata Bartsch, Imre Csuja, György Gazsó, Kati Takáts

LORA is a romantic film with dramatic turns, great music, and humor, as the only
chance to get through the hardest times.
Twenty-something Lora is going through a difficult period in her life. So is Geri. He lives
the life of a misfit, drinks a lot, plays his saxophone, and hangs out in the city’s nightlife...
Three years earlier Lora lost her boyfriend David, a trendy restaurant owner, in a fatal
motorbike accident.
David’s younger brother Geri has always been attracted to Lora but stepped back for his
brother. They haven’t seen each other since the tragedy.
Three years later Geri and his band play at a charity concert, where he accidentally
catches sight of Lora, who runs a wine-tasting in the concert breaks. Geri wants to see
Lora again, but she is very different now; she doesn’t want anything or anyone to make
her recall the painful past. Lora can’t really resist Geri though, and gradually opens up.
She finds a helping hand and a loving friend, and Geri the love of his life. Can they be
happy in the shadow of their past?

International Premier
Sunday, October 14  9:45PM
Lucia Brawley will attend screening