Bunyik Entertainment Presents
12th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
November 16 - 22.  2012
Opening Night November 15. 7:15pm Laemmle's NOHO 7
Laemmle's Noho 7
5240 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, 91601
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12th Film Festival

Mrs. Gabriella Bartha

Dr. Attila Beres

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Donlon

Mr. Andrew Friedman

Mr. & Mrs. Julius Jancsó

Mr. Steven A. Kőváry

Dr. Susan Pekarovics

Mr. Sandor Szoboszlai
Opening Night film is

The Hungarian foreign-language submission for the Academy Awards
directed by Bence Fliegauf. One of his country's most internationally-recognized
young directors, Bence Fliegauf returned to his native Hungary for his fifth feature
film, “JUST THE WIND.”
Bence Fliegauf was born in 1974 in Budapest. He never attended film school,
instead working as an assistant director for television as he continued on the path
toward directing, screenwriting, set design and sound engineering.

Synopsis: Mari lives with her invalid father and two children in a shack in the woods
outside the city. Their living conditions are modest, like their other Romani
neighbors. For centuries, their "kind" has been commonly referred to as gypsies.
Recently, more than ever, they must exist stealthily: five entire families in the area
have already been murdered, gunned down in their own homes. The Romani
community struggles to continue their simple daily routine amid the anxiety of the
suspected racially motivated crimes. Mari juggles her two jobs. Teenager Anna tries
to concentrate on her schoolwork and sketches. Young Rio is preoccupied with other
things. He is getting ready...