8th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles
October  15 - 23  2008
This year's theme is
"Hungarians in Hollywood"
Béla Paczolay

Director: Béla Paczolay
Screenplay: Gergely Péterfy
Photography: Gyula Pados
Editor: István Király
Visual design: Mónika Esztán
Set design: Mónika Esztán
Costumes: János Breckl
Sound: Gábor Balázs, Attila Madaras
Music: László Kollár-Klemenc and The Kistehén Band
Production company: Unio Film
Production manager: Csaba Pék
Producer: István Bodzsár, Ági Pataki
Cast: Péter Haumann, Péter Rudolf, Milan Schruff, Ágnes Bánfalvy, Judit
Pogány, Mari Csomós, Tibor Gáspár, Lajos Kovács

Geza is a trumpeter in his fifties, who settled in Hungary decades earlier. On
his fourth marriage now, he lost whatever he had in the divorces. His son,
András supports himself by odd jobs, often for the underworld, and usually
losing on them too. They are coming to a small village to take Grandpa to
Budapest, to save him from the misery his life has become due to Grandma’s
senility. The journey begins, but will they ever get anywhere?

(2008, feature film, 35mm, colour, 100 min., 1:1,85, DolbySRD)

2008 - Budapest Hungarian Film Week  (in competition)
2008 - Cluj-Napoca Transilvania  International Film Festival  (in competition)
2008 - Mladá Boleslav "Festival of European Film Smiles"  (in competition)
2008 - Palic International Film Festival
2008 - Taormina Film Festival
2008 - Vukovar Film Festival  (in competition)

Budapest Hungarian Film Week
2008:  Sándor Simó Prize for the Best First Feature

Cluj-Napoca Transilvania  International Film Festival
2008:  Best Performance: Péter Haumann, Péter Rudolf, Milán Schruff

Vukovar Film Festival
2008:  Best Feature Film